Design Center


The structure shall be customized and designed according to the system and area condition which is generally made of steel angles, I-beams, steel rods, plates can be either fastened or welded (Depending upon the site condition). All the items are either pre-galvanized or zinc coated.


Sound baffling is compulsory in order to achieve appropriate sound ratings, for complete soundproofing we provide gypsum board sound baffling with Rockwool above the false ceiling or top track to the main ceiling to prevent any sound leakages. Baffling options shall be customized as per site conditions or acoustic requirements.


The track is made of extruded aluminum of grade T-6036 pure virgin is a proprietary design of Sliderwalls, the load capacity of the track is 370kg-700kg. The track is flushed with the false ceiling to match the surrounding.


Nylon two wheeler trolleys or 8 steel ball bearing trolleys is used for smooth and seamless movement of the panels

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