About us


We are dedicated to helping you to achieve your spatial optimisation and solution. “Sliderwalls” brings you efficiency, productivity and quality in space management and optimisation. As a young and organised company we are continuously involved in research and brings which best fit the specific requirements and budget. Sliderwalls state-of-the-art solutions make more effortless, smooth & flexible walls with utmost acoustic accuracy and full fill other green building and energy efficiency parameters. Adopting most technical and manufacturing parameters. Sliderwall’s Acoustic movable walls we have created this niche for itself. In today’s time managing spaces has become a toughe task for the owners, getting more spaces means more time and expenses, how about creating multiple rooms out of one when needed with bare efforts, a small investment in Sliderwall’s Acoustic movable walls gives you more saving of your time and money.


We practice continuous advancement in our system and organization, a simple vision of being service oriented platform with max transparency and accuracy to both internal and external platform. We are Committed to bring new standards and excellence.


Though it’s a long journey and after every analysis goal changes, but at this movement we are looking to create a vertical which will serve its customer as a one stop solution for all Acoustical needs, making it world’s most technically advanced organization.


Solutions that bring you complete flexibility in your spaces, with Sliderwalls you can convert your spaces

in multiple configurations with easy approach, smooth functionality and utmost performance in specific categories.

We offer tailor-made, innovative and design centric space optimization solutions that completely

harmonize with your space.


Sliderwalls brings premium space optimization solution to the customer from the planning stage to the after sales service. We are in touch with the customer to help or suggest him from the phase the works starts and we stay together even after the installation to guide and help them strengthening our after sales services. With the help of our dedicated Design and technical team we are able to fulfil the difficult projects with proper technique and method with proper co-ordination and information flow with the client. Our team consists of highly trained manpower within our Manufacturing plant who works with full precision and technique. Our technical and design team has prepared component with self-propriety design which is a result of 7 years of R & D.

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